Small Bakery operating out of Crazy Daisies
Creating from scratch pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, and more
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About me

We make scrumptious, rich and elegant wedding cakes from scratch, using fresh ingredients.

Our pastries are all delicate, flaky, buttery, and fluffy; the perfect way to start your morning.

Everything we create is filled with love, fun to eat, and packed with feel-good flavors.

Whether you like your cookies soft or crunchy, we’ve got your back.

my story

What started as a dream, then turned into a goal, and now making it a reality. Owner and Pastry Chef Kaehla Gardner took her passion for baking and opened The Mixing Bowl to share her sweet creations for all to enjoy. Kaehla has been professionally baking for 8 years, working and learning at different bakeries and restaurants around Syracuse, NY. She takes great joy in creating something special and delicious rather it be for a celebration or personal treat. Whatever the reason, The Mixing Bowl is here to provide from scratch desserts for any occasion. Using fresh quality ingredients, products and a little love, let us make the perfect sweet for you!.

from scratch quality

Baked Goods

Using fresh ingredients and quality products, The Mixing Bowl creates completely from scratch desserts and baked goods, also working with seasonal produce and specialty items to make the dessert of your dreams!

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